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Super Girl

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Super Girl is an indica dominant hybrid strain created by a backcross of the classic Skunk # 1 strain, and also known as “Supergirl.€ This strain is a female version of the already foolishly popular, ultra-dank bud created by breeders that leaves its smokers delightfully numb the Skunk #1. The herb grows beautiful, dark green, thick buds, and the nugs have a small distribution of trichomes.

Flavor and Effects of Super Girl

This plant’s palate leans toward chocolate, coffee, spicy, and tobacco. You are almost immediately hit by a strong head high after your first dosage. With a breathtakingly effect, the cerebral rush washes over you, and as this phase induces giggles and munchies. This is also the start of a long-lasting couch-lock that will give you full relaxation and introspection.

Medical Benefits of Super Girl

Super Girl is a strong sedative, so it is suitable for treating ailments such as chronic pain, cramps, nausea, and insomnia. If you have mental health problems and look to cannabis to help curb some of your more obstinate symptoms, this is a great bud for depression, stress, bipolar disorders, and minor forms of anxiety.

Negative Effects of Super Girl

This strain will induce dry mouth and dry eyes. Also, this may bring dizziness, anxiousness, and headache if used too much.

Growing Super Girl

Super Girl strain will flourish in either indoor or outdoor conditions. This strain gives the best potency in a warm climate. Also, this thrives best in an environment where lighting, humidity, and temperature can easily be adjusted to keep track of this strain’s phase.