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Super Cheese

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Super Cheese was produced by inbreeding, merging the genetics of Cheese with another select phenotype that was thought to be Exodus Cheese. Bred by Positronics, Super Cheese is a throwback to the strains of an old school that filled Amsterdam’s coffee shops in the late 1980s. With rich amber undertones and hairs and a fine coating of transparent crystal trichomes, this bud has crazily stick thick, thin foxtail-shaped bright neon green nugs.

Flavor and Effects of Super Cheese

When this powerful strain, it gives the lime, cheese, earthy, creamy, herbal, and sweet touches of flavor. You can start feeling euphoric when you use this strain as well. This bud will make you feel excited about everything in your day for hours. Over time, you can expect to feel pretty hungry after smoking quite a bit of this bud, as it can cause the cravings as well. This fogginess often leaves you spacious and distant, though you’re going to be crazy talkative with tendencies towards uncontrollable giggles fits.

Medical Benefits of Super Cheese

It is particularly useful in the treatment of chronic insomnia. By making you feel more relaxed and relieving conditions such as backache, migraines, joint aches, and muscle pain, Super Cheese can help you. This strain is also ideal for the treatment of depression and stress.

Negative Effects of Super Cheese

Super Cheese can cause a dry mouth, which can cause you to feel dehydrated. This strain can cause you to feel anxious in a mild form of paranoia.

Growing Super Cheese

This strain can be grown indoors or outdoors and thrives best in a dry and temperate climate. Indoor growers must be sure to keep their processes discreet by investing in odor control measures since Super Cheese can be a very pungent crop.