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Super Bud

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First bred from Green House Seeds by crossbreeding Skunk with big Bud. However, the combination of these two strains gave birth to the Super Bud strain with much lower negative effects on the body. This wonderful strain has a great flavour which made it most sought after cannabis. With aromas of sweet skunk and fruity aftertaste, this strain will leave you with lemon, skunk and fruity notes finishing.

This strain is only available as feminized seeds that produce minty green flowers when germinated. The nugs are moderately sized, bulgy with elongated orange hairs and soil-like whitish trichomes. When cured, its flowers will produce curled leaves. This strain has many phenotypes of which are heavily branched with hues of yellow, green and red buds. When combusted, its buds give of earthy smoke and best consumed during the day for maximum satisfaction.

Flavor and Effects of the Super Bud

This strain has the lowest sedation effects when in comparison with other strains. Its euphoric effects are noticeable after a few minutes of consuming, which helps in making you un-oblivious of your present worries.

Its energetic and uplifting effect will present you with a creative mind to be able to face any task given. Just a hit from this strain will leave you feeling hyper for the rest of the day while being on top of your game. An increased dose of this amazing strain will lead to sedative effects, but however, this strain has lesser sedative effects, which make its sedation not apparent. You will experience an increased rate of concentration and focus while working after consuming this strain. It has flavours of lemon, skunk, and fruity.

Medical Benefits of the Super Bud

This strain affects the treatment of mood-related sickness, which includes; anxiety, depression, stress, fatigue and bipolar. Patients with loss of appetite, vomiting, nausea, migraine, and insomnia will find this strain very helpful. It is also very effective in managing bodily ill healths like aches, chronic pains, movement disorders, arthritis, and post-chemotherapy disorder.

Negative Effects of the Super Bud

Intake of the Super Bud strain can cause dizziness, paranoia, and dry mouth. The Super Bud can also cause dry, itchy eyes, restlessness, fever, high blood pressure, mild to severe paralysis and headache due to its high THC content.

Growing the Blueberry Super Bud

The growing of this hybrid is very difficult for new growers. Good lighting and good weather are very necessary to grow this strain. Daily monitoring to checkmate the attacks of pests is advisable.
The indoor method of cultivation is used for this strain growing, and Fertilizer may be applied to improve the growth and possibly the yield of the Super Bud strain. Daily watering at least twice is recommended. Daily curing of the flowers helps to keep its leave in a good structure.