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Super Blue Dream

Super Blue Dream

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It is not only a potent strain but fun as well because it is fast-acting, and it gives head-heavy effects. Super Silver Haze is combined with Blue dream for well-balanced high. This strain exceeded its parents’ attributes, and the proof is winning three times in the High Times Cannabis Cup. It energizes consumers and gives them focus on getting things done, so it’s best for daytime use.

Its buds’ appearance is more of Sativa’s influence as they grow into small to medium size in popcorn-like clusters, and the yellow-green leaves are curled tightly inward. Translucent and amber trichomes cover those buds and make them more colorful. Some phenotypes may have the purple hues on their leaves.

Flavor and Effects of Super Blue Dream

Sweet and tart blueberries rise from the aroma of this strain. It’s one of the tastiest strains out there as smokers will enjoy the flavors of citrus and berry with the exhale that carries a touch of musk. This strain is rapid as its high takes effect even the first exhale is not finished yet. The head high is a gentle rush that intensifies focus.

Users’ mood becomes upbeat as they’re on euphoria. Physical and mental high are both balanced to set in relaxation. If it happens, you need to have munchies near you as hunger will trigger your need for food.

Medical Benefits of the Super Blue Dream

Since its physical and mental high is well-balanced, it works well in many health issues. It alleviates stress, and it can manage to curb depression and other psychiatric disorders. Individuals who have a hard time dealing with anorexia can find refuge with this strain. It can boost appetite, and it induces hunger.

Negative Effects of Super Blue Dream

The negative effects of this strain will start with dry eyes, and dry mouth follows or in some cases, headache. These things can be reversed by drinking a lot of water. Too much is not suitable for many things, and it also applies to this strain. You may feel dizzy and experience paranoia for smokers who have a low tolerance.

Growing Super Blue Dream

This plant can be fostered both indoors and outdoors. This breed can adapt in soil medium and hydroponics, whichever works best for you, but the latter will be advisable for indoor growing. LST, SCROG and SOG methods can support its growth and development. Unfortunately, this strain is not everyone as it needs growers who have experience in planting marijuana. The consideration is not only about growth but the yield it will give during harvest time. So you may practice first with easy-to-grow breeds, then you can try cultivating this strain.

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