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Sunshine Daydream

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Sharing its name with a documentary on iconic stoners “The Grateful Dead”, Sunshine Daydream is an indica-dominant mix capable of winning Jerry Garcia’s own approval. It was developed as a cross between two down-home strains by prolific breeders Bodhi Seeds, the Appalachia Green Crack-descended and a Bubba Kush-hybrid named Bubbashine. This strain’s yields are in large amounts of buds coated in crystalline sparkling trichomes. The fragrance is a good mix of classic earthy notes of kush and light notes of berry.

Flavor and Effects of Sunshine Daydream

Sunshine Daydream strain will bring the sweet, herbal, fruity, and berry flavors that will let you drip in a great daydream by the savory taste. It takes a couple of minutes to feel a feeling of prickling and tingling in the brain. The revitalizing sensation slowly trickles down to the skin. There is no intense cerebral buzz induced by the strain. Instead, with a dreamy quality, the emotional boost is more subdued. When pressure continues to leave the body, it takes over an uplifting feeling. It doesn’t take a long time before people begin to feel content. Almost without warning, Sunshine Daydream’s heavy-hitting sedative properties are set in. The intense relaxation that it creates allows laziness to creep in when it does. Using a little too much strain and leave consumers on their sofa and bed shut.

Medical Benefits of Sunshine Daydream

It can strip off the edge of depression, panic, or PTSD momentarily. It also has anti-inflammatory effects that can relieve everything from regular aches and pains and migraines to nausea. This strain can also provide relief from insomnia in high enough doses, allowing you to sleep deep and relaxing.

Negative Effects of Sunshine Daydream

Used in moderation, dry mouth, and dry eyes to a much lower degree can be expected. You may develop a mild headache in some cases, or you may feel dizzy. There are also cases of anxiety caused by stress. Sunshine Daydream may also come with a lower risk of paranoia because it doesn’t have much mental frequency.

Growing Sunshine Daydream

This strain thrives indoors or outdoors. Sunshine Daydream strain loves a semi-humid environment. Sunshine Daydream does not grow tall like other traditional Indica plants and prefers to be bushy with a lot of lateral branching; therefore, you must cultivate this in a spacious place. It thrives both indoors and outdoors. Until flowering, one thing you can do is expose the plant to about 10 degrees lower temperature to cause violet hues on its leaves and buds. You’ll want to install a carbon-activated filter in the indoor habitat to remove the smell due to its pungent odor.

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