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Sunset Haze

Sunset Haze

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This is a combination of Rock Mountain Blueberry and Tangerine Haze. This strain has managed to absorb the fascinating appearance, flavor, and effects of these two breeds. It tastes good and it’s evenly balanced. It’s colorful as the spade-shaped nugs are in the color of light mint green with undertones of red, pink and purple. It’s smoked best during dinnertime.

Flavor and Effects of Sunset Haze

The sweet juicy citrus flavor and aroma are addictive with tangy watermelon and berries in a bit of haze. This sweetness is fast-acting in giving tingles that would result in creativity and relaxation. The high will end up making the user sleepy but not couch-lock so they can have a good sleep to prepare for the following day.

Medical Benefits of Sunset Haze

The expertise of this strain in medical use is being a pain reliever and its content made it possible to block any harm stress can bring. In this way, other conditions like depression, PTSD and other mental health issues won’t develop. It soothes stomach pain as well as inducing hunger. It’s an effective strain for insomnia as it can help individuals to sleep easily.

Negative Effects of Sunset Haze

It only gives the usual side effects that of all strain. They were dry eyes and dry mouth.

Growing Sunset Haze

It does well outdoors but it’s advisable to plant it indoors. Growers would limited space would need to top the plant off before early and it is also a way to quicken the vegetative stage. It’s easy to grow and it has sturdy branches to carry heavy buds.

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