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Sunset Fire

Sunset Fire

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This hybrid strain’s parents are Khyber Mazar Afghan and Sunset Sherbet. It is bred by Treehawk Farms, and it was connected with the sigil of House Targaryen from the ever famous series Game of Thrones. It was done upon the label of the strain’s bottle. The trichomes are golden similar to the color of Valyrian hair. The bud’s appearance seems it has been crowned by the fierce Khal Drogo.

It is a powerful and balanced hybrid that has smooth smoke and can be enjoyed by its consumers. It produces buds in mixed shades of dark green and rich purple. This colorful strain may be attractive to many growers.

Flavor and Effects of Sunset Fire

It’s unbelievably smooth with the taste of delectable sweet cherry and vanilla. It has earthiness in it to play contrast and balance. The smoke seems so light, but its effects are powerful. This leaves you with a clear head and makes you physically at ease because of the relaxing body high. It leaves users uplifted, euphoric, relaxed and happy.

It starts with the mental high that frees your mind of any distractions so you can pursue necessary things in a day. It uplifts the spirit and takes you to a euphoric state so you can all be positive in dealing with things. As things go well, happiness will blossom in any part of your physique. You should take advantage of its relaxing effect to soothe any physical strain and tension.

Medical Benefits of Sunset Fire

This strain leaves uses clear-headed and uplifted so it can manage mental issues like anxiety and tremors. It also handles stress, depression, and PTSD. It’s going to take patients to a tranquil dimension. This effect is valuable to medical practice as many patients need it to overcome an illness. Its purpose may also be a part of treatment, or it can be used for those who have chronic issues like migraines, headaches, arthritis and other pain-related conditions.

Negative Effects of Sunset Fire

Dehydration is a common side effect of smoking Cannabis. So users would have dry mouth and dry, bloodshot eyes after smoking. To avert these consequences, all you need to do is drink plenty of water, so dryness is eliminated. It’s best to be responsible in taking enough dosage within your limits to avoid more serious adverse reactions.

Growing Sunset Fire

It’s interesting to grow a strain with purple color aside from the usual green hue. Colorful strains don’t mean high or low potency, smell, and flavor. It can be cultivated indoors and outdoors but to get the best out of the colors. It has something to do with temperature, light and PH level supplied for the root. You need to set the night temperature within 65 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit.

LED lights can do the job for lighting, and it’s quite helpful for novice growers. PH level can be on the experimental side as the effect varies in different breeds.

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