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Sundae Driver

Sundae Driver

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The Sundae Driver cannabis strain derives its name from its delicious flavor. It was created by crossing two strains that are known for their sweet and fruity flavor profiles, the Fruity Pebbles and the Grape Pie strains. As if the flavors are not enough to make it popular in the cannabis world, the Sundae Driver has green buds that are beautifully streaked with red, purple, and blue hues. They are covered with red-orange hair and a thick coating of tiny white trichomes.

Flavor and Effects of Sundae Driver

The Sundae Driver is a well-balanced hybrid that boasts of flavors that are likened to a chocolate sundae. It packs a sweet and creamy flavor, mixed with chocolate, and highlighted with a fruity aftertaste. No wonder it is a crowd favorite. The strain’s high is just as delightful as its flavor profile. It starts with a relaxing and uplifting high that fills your cerebral state. You will feel a sense of happy giddiness. As your mind goes higher and higher, your body will begin to melt into deep relaxation. You will want to kick back your shoes, lie down, and stay there. In a few more minutes, you will be dozing off.

What are the Medicinal Benefits of Sundae Driver

Thanks to its effects, the Sundae Driver is a great mood-booster that patients who are struggling to manage conditions such as chronic stress, anxiety, and depression can benefit from. PTSD patients will also find this bud especially effective in helping them cope through the different tasks of everyday life. Its sedative effects will also help insomniacs finally get the relaxing and deep sleep that they crave for. Despite its low THC average, the Sundae Driver is a great addition to the medicinal cannabis community.

Negative Effects of Sundae Driver

Usual negative effects from consuming this strain are cottonmouth. This is a result of dehydration due to its moisture-inhibiting cannabinoids. This side effect is usually followed by dry, red, and droopy eyes. Both symptoms are mild, however, and can be easily mitigated by making sure to drink lots of water throughout the high.

Growing Sundae Driver

The Sundae Driver plant is easy to grow. It does not require a lot of fuss for it to reach its full potential. As long as it is provided with the appropriate amount of care, attention, sunlight, humidity, and ventilation, this plant will reward its growers generously. It can thrive in both indoor and outdoor settings. When grown outdoors, it needs to be placed in a warm, temperate outdoor climate. When grown indoors, just make sure to mimic the same environmental factors needed for it to grow fast and yield beautiful buds in as little as 7 to 9 weeks.

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