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Sun Maiden

Sun Maiden

This strain owes its potency and high resin production from Chemdog OG and Grape Stomper. Gage Green Genetics arranged and made this cross. Calyxes form into a stack-like pattern, so growers should rejoice to look forward to a high yield. It has buds shaped like cones that are completely blanketed by resin. Connoisseurs must love this strain and consumers would best use this in the evening or at night.

Flavor and Effects of Sun Maiden

This strain has potent chem fuel aroma, and the flavor of Kush is present with funk, sweet, and fruity undertones. It has high that carries out relaxation to its consumers. It makes the body and the mind void of any pain and worries

Medical Benefits of Sun Maiden

It can block stress and depression from getting on one’s way. It’s a great pain reliever when someone is injured or the pain that people gain from their daily course. It can also be an aid for chronic pain, like in the case of fibromyalgia. This strain works as an anti-nausea, and it can pacify the symptoms of seizures.

Negative Effects of Sun Maiden

The strain would leave users having dry eyes and cottonmouth feel so it’s best to stay hydrated. Smokers should also be responsible for the amount that they take.

Growing Sun Maiden

This weed can be grown both indoors and outdoors. Growers can start cultivating this strain by seeds that have been soaked overnight. Then they can germinate using a paper towel method in minimal heat. If your taproots have started to grow, they can be situated in a heat dome. They can be transferred to a bigger space to nurture them further.