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Sumo Tangie

Sumo Tangie

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The heavy Sativa-dominant strain is a result of crossbreeding the famous California Orange with Skunk #1. Sumo Tangie is known to be the sister of the Tangerine Dream, but the difference between the two might come unrecognizable with its slight difference.

Sumo Tangie is equipped with several flavors that will deliver a mostly psychedelic effect that is considered trippy. As usual, newbies users are warned in consuming Sumo Tangie with its head high that might alter your reality into something worst. Daytime is the most suitable period of consumption.

Flavor and Effects of Sumo Tangie

The flavors are earthy, herbal, pungent, citrus, sour, and skunky. Sumo Tangie’s impact is purely cerebral with hints of an Indica content minus the relief Indica usually provides. The instant high will uplift and energize your mind. It will last for a long time until a stoney feeling takes place that will make you doze off; hence, it will sedate you.

Medical Benefits of Sumo Tangie

Sumo Tangie is ideal in treating insomnia, mood disorders like mood swings and bipolar disorder, depression, chronic stress, and chronic fatigue.

Negative Effects of Sumo Tangie.

Due to its psychedelic impact, it may stir paranoia and anxiety attacks, which is why moderation is a must. Still, you would have to experience a dry mouth and eyes.

Growing Sumo Tangie

The leaves of Sumo Tangie are bushy, which will need its grower’s ability to prune and trim. Other than that, it can highly resist destructive natural forces like pest attacks, molds, and mildews. But the preferred climate of the cannabis will remain hot and dry. If you don’t live in the said environmental condition, you should have it indoor.

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