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Summer Breeze

Summer Breeze

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This strain is the result of blending McFly with Orange Blossom Trail. Swamp Boys Seeds orchestrated the development of this breed by collaborating with Cornbread Ricky. It has an enticing tropical aroma that can be puffed best on a sunny day or in the afternoon. It can be your passage through a sunny place, and it can even affect your disposition. The rich exhale consumers can get from this will leave them happy and inspired.

Flavor and Effects of Summer Breeze

It has a signature tropical aroma and flavor so you can have a hint of fruits like pineapple and something citrusy. The high of this strain is filled with happiness and inspiration that will make all the worries gone. Users become more cheerful and creativity. Moreover, they laugh without a definite reason. It gives off a soothing sensation, too, which would lead you to sleep.

Medical Benefits of Summer Breeze

Summer Breeze is a lifesaver for those who are afflicted with pain. It is capable of treating poor appetite, severe stress, depression, and chronic or severe stress. There would be no more sleepless nights as it can help you get over with insomnia.

Negative Effects of Summer Breeze

This common adverse effect of this strain is cottonmouth feel. Some may feel dizzy or have a headache, but it will disappear after a few hours.

Growing Summer Breeze

This weed can survive both indoors and outdoors, and it’s easy to maintain too. Even though it can be aggressive in branching out, topping and trimming is an easy job. The result of this plant’s growth and yield will all depend on the grower’s patience and skills.

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