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Sugar Shack

Sugar Shack

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This strain has heavy body sensation, but it’s still mild and serene. It’s highly sedative, so even advanced smokers should watch their dosage if they don’t want to experience any consequences. It produces light green nugs with dark brown pistils that get darker as it matures. This delicious strain is ideally for the end of the day use.

Flavor and Effects of Sugar Shack

The aroma is consists of citrus, pine tree, and fresh dirt, and when it reaches the palate, an array of fruity flavors burst with piney zest. It puts users in a pleasant mood with optimism and cheerfulness as giggling goes along. Then you will feel the need to doze as this strain’s effect is predominantly physical.

Medical Benefits of Sugar Shack

It’s a potent strain that can overcome general body pain, anxiety, and depression. It can quickly erase the pain from headaches and cramps, but it may take a little for chronic conditions like fibromyalgia. It can deal very well with insomnia as it can induce sleep, so it has to be taken before bedtime.

Negative Effects of Sugar Shack

Smoking marijuana causes dehydration, so smokers get dry mouth and irritated eyes. Novice smokers should take a low dose to avoid paranoia, dizziness and other pronounced adverse reactions

Growing Sugar Shack

This strain can be cultivated in an indoor or outdoor setting. The advantage of indoor cultivation is that you can control considerations like light, air, and water. Many kinds of nutrients and fertilizers are available in the market to ensure that your plant will give you an abundant harvest.