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Sugar Plum Sunset

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A sativa-dominant species with strong and long-lasting effects, Sugar Plum (or Sugarplum) is. This crosses Pre-98 Bubba Kush and Katsu Bubba, produced by prolific breeders Stoney Girl Gardens. At the 2004 Oregon Medical Cannabis Awards, Sugar Plum won the title of First Prize.

Flavor and Effects of Sugar Plum Sunset

Sugar Plum Sunset brings the berry, citrus, fruity, herbal, spicy, sugary, sweet, and tropical terpenes. During the fast-paced mental activity, you can sense an uptick in the first effect. Sugar Plum can also create a very social mood when shared with like-minded friends, sparking conversation and camaraderie. Limbs and eyelids may start feeling heavy and you may feel inspired to find the nearest comfortable environment.

Medical Benefits of Sugar Plum Sunset

The optimistic effects can have a positive effect if you are with mild to moderate stress and depression. It may also be good for patients with attention-deficit problems to have a coherent concentration feeling. Physiologically speaking, the subtle body high on the backend of Sugar Plum can soothe aches and pains, from chronic and serious irritations such as headaches to minor annoyances.

Negative Effects of Sugar Plum Sunset

Dehydration may occur in consuming this strain, especially in the eyes and mouth. Also, dizziness and anxiousness may happen when beyond the tolerance level.

Growing Sugar Plum Sunset

This strain can be cultivated indoors or outdoors, although those growing indoors can tame the height of these usually tall plants by frequent early trimming in the vegetative stage. In a warm climate with no severe changes in the environment, this should be in.