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Sugar Pine

Sugar Pine

It took two decades for the Flying Dutchman Gardens to finalize everything about this breed. It has four parents who are Skunk, Sugar Bush, Afghani, and Sweetie. Extensive research was done to attain to Sativa-dominant strain that can be tolerated by smokers of all levels. The body and mind buzz is light and uplifting, so it’s an ideal strain for morning and daytime use.

Flavor and Effects of Sugar Pine

Its aroma and flavor are delightful to the senses as it imparts vanilla, woody diesel, and pine essence. This strain’s sense of euphoria is for a productive day as you will crave for accomplishment with the joy of doing so. It will make users slightly relaxed, and those who are sensitive may feel couch-lock.

Medical Benefits of Sugar Pine

It works as a prime medical relief. Patients turn to this strain when they yearn to end conditions such as muscle issues, inflammation, and chronic pain. It aids to curb symptoms of PTSD. It also comforts people who are stressed.

Negative Effects of Sugar Pine

Smokers should drink plenty of water or other fluids to counter the usual adverse effects that are irritated eyes and dry mouth. It’s wise to know your tolerance, and you should avoid taking this at a high dose.

Growing Sugar Pine

This breed can thrive both indoors and outdoors. Growers should give the right nutrients for growth and development. There are many ways to give them nutrients such as compost or organic nutrients, solid fertilizer, or liquid nutrient. Soil medium is fine as long as you protect it from changes of weather, so a greenhouse can save your plants from being rotten.