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Sugar Kush

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Dizzy Duck Seeds performed such highly precise work when they created the Sugar Kush. This weed is an Indica dominant plant with a moderate amount of THC loved by many for certain reasons. It is the daughter weed of crossing three famous strains in the cannabis industry the Northern Lights #1, Kandy Kush, and Hash Plant. The result was simply great as Sugar Kush was given its name because of its rich trichomes covering its buds.

This weed tends to grow large with small leaves and petals yet, its sweet and floral-like aroma speaks how flavorful this cannabis is. A hundred percent Indica, Sugar Kush promises a high yield which many home growers like a lot.

Flavor and Effects of Sugar Kush

Just like how sweet its name is, Sugar Kush has a great combination of flavors that are all delectable for the palates. It has sweet and spicy flavors with hash and pine combination plus an herbal sense is present during exhale. Sugar Kush has a euphoric effect that starts in the head and goes slowly throughout your body. You’ll feel the happiness and ease sense right after little tensions leaving you more relaxed and now get ready for a couch-locked effect.

Medical Benefits of Sugar Kush

Since Sugar Kush has a blend of both uplifting and relaxing effects, it is highly suitable for people battling with an emotional condition like depression. It is also a good stress reliever and a suitable treatment for bipolar disorder. More than that, the sedative nature of Sugar Kush makes it a good antidote for chronic pain, spasm, and insomnia.

Negative Effects of Sugar Kush.

During your consumption with Sugar Kush, you’ll have the dry eyes and mouth as its major negative effects. However, with consumers having PSTD, a large amount of it might trigger the condition. It might also cause paranoia and dizziness so a reasonable amount in every consumption is recommended.

Growing Sour Bubba Some information and Tips

The level of difficulty in growing Sugar Kush is not difficult yet not easy as well. Even though this cannabis plant tends to thrive well both indoor and outdoor, one must have an idea when choosing to cultivate this weed. Just a simple note, being an expert is not a requirement but the experience is a plus. Unlike other strains, Kandy Kush needs a lot of care and attention. It is important to give this lad a good growing environment where she comfortably grows and enough source of light is given. Just make sure fertilizers or any additional nutrients are given in the right amount to avoid overfeeding with your weeds. Lastly, always keep an eye on your growing marijuana since they are not highly resistant to molds and pests. Nevertheless, Kandy Kush is one of those weed plants that offer you a great yield when properly taken care of.