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Sugar Cookie

Sugar Cookie

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Sugar Cookies is from Aficionado Seed Bank and it is an indica / sativa weed. This marijuana is from the crossed between the Girl Scout Cookies and the White Lightsaber. It provides an intense high due to its high THC level. If you are a beginner or a newbie, you should be careful with this strain.

Flavor and Effects of Sugar Cookies

This strain’s tasting is sweet, earthy, pungent, lemon, mint, and a note of spicy and herbal flavors. The aftermaths are relaxing and euphoric. It will boost your energy and creativity.

Medical Benefits of Sugar Cookies

This weed can be used as a treatment for some medical conditions. It helps you in managing stress. This is also a good strain to use for alleviating depression and anxiety. It gives a soothing feeling which is perfect for reducing pains and fatigues.

Negative Effects of Sugar Cookies

As usual, you will experience negative effects after consuming this strain. The side effects include the feeling of a dry mouth and dry eyes, dizziness, and a bit of paranoia. It is important to follow the recommended dosage to prevent from getting worst side effects.

Growing Strawberry Sugar Cookies

In growing this weed, it would be much better to use soil in growing it. You can grow it indoors but you need to make sure the space is enough for your plants. This is also good for outdoor growing. Proper lighting is essential for your plants growth as well as proper application of nutrients. It is better to protect your plants from the pests as well.