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Sugar Breath

Sugar Breath

This strain’s name may sound cute and tame, but smokers should beware of its potency. It’s a cross between OGKB and Do-Si-Dos that is popular in the United States of America for its high-quality genetics and extremely powerful strain. It is a wonderful hybrid that brings various sensations. It has dense and compact buds that are coated with shiny trichomes.

Flavor and Effects of Sugar Breath

The aroma is a gassy blend of petrol and grape, and the intense flavor is a combination of pine, incense, cinnamon, and vanilla that tickles the senses. It has a strong and powerful couch-lock effect that is in motion from head to toe. So you can chill with the strain before you go to bed.

Medical Benefits of Sugar Breath

It has therapeutic effects that can relieve pain and aches. People with insomnia will depend on this strain to gain the sleep that they need.

Negative Effects of Sugar Breath

Smokers should supply their bodies with a lot of water so they can reverse the common side effects. Smoking weed brings itchy eyes and dry mouth. This strain is so potent, and it’s not recommended for people who have a low tolerance.

Growing Sugar Breath

It can be grown in the greenhouse, outdoors and indoors. It should have a longer vegetative stage indoors as well as the SCROG method, and apical pruning should also be observed. These ways will enhance the development of branches, so it will give you a heavy yield in harvest time.