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Sugar Black Rose

Crossing two famously efficient strains, the result would simply be great! As Delicious Seeds seed bank used Black Domina and Critical Mass as parent strains, their daughter, Sugar Black Rose became exceptional. It has rich flavors and aroma, offering special tastes no one can say no. This Indica dominant weed has a name that speaks for itself. As Sugar Black Rose shows most of its Black Domina phenos, you can expect it producing big flowers accentuated with dark green colors.

This medicinal weed has given value to many for its efficiency. She might be a medication in nature, yet its high THC content will prove that you can also use her as your recreational partner. With a promise of high yield, Sugar Black Rose is more than efficient; it is grower-friendly cannabis you should make as part of your great choices.

Flavor and Effects of Sugar Black Rose

If you look for a weed that truly melts in the mouth, then Sugar Black Rose is what you are looking for. This lad offers you great flavors that melt in your tongues as you smoke giving you a great time of using cannabis. Sugar Black Rose gives you the combination of sweet floral like sugar with earthy and lemon punches balancing the tastes in your mouth. On the other hand, this cannabis is not just known for its taste but also for its effects. Though she’s a medicinal weed, she has a long-lasting and powerful effect because of its high THC percentage. It has Indica nature that uplifts your spirit and gives you a deeply relaxed state after. Sugar Black Rose offers you a euphoric state and as it waves, you’ll feel the kick of buzz and bang, prepare your favorite sleeping buddy for a blissful experience.

Medical Benefits of Sugar Black Rose

The narcotic effect of Sugar Black Rose helps people battling with depression and anxiety. Also, the sedative property of this marijuana is suitable for people with chronic stress, insomnia, chronic pain, and muscle spasms.

Negative Effects of Sugar Black Rose.

Dry eyes and mouth were the common adverse effects of Sugar Black Rose. More than that, because it has a high level of THC content, the possibility of anxiousness, dizziness, and headache with excessive amount need some consideration as well.

Growing Sugar Black Rose

Grows both in an outdoor and indoor environment, Sugar Black Rose promises every grower a high yield. While all types of growers may able to cultivate this marijuana plant, its height and physical feature must also something to consider. Sugar Black Rose is taller and sometimes develops lateral branches. An indoor grower must make sure that the growing area is spacious enough to take care of the growing weeds. Pruning is a recommended technique with this weed. For outdoor growing, you may choose to plant your weeds in the ground or a pot. Either way works.

Best Place To Buy Sugar Black Rose

Exceptional (9.7)


Excelent (9.5)


Excelent (9.5)


Excelent (9.5)

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