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Strawberry Snow Cone

Strawberry Snow Cone

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This strain is bred by Jack Davis by mixing Snow Cone and Santa Cruz Strawberry Kush. It contains strawberry jam flavor, and it gives calming high that induces creativity. The aroma is loud, and the flavor is super delicious, unlike any other weeds. This strain should be included in your list of must-try breeds. Its strawberry-smelling resin is sticky, so it would stick to your fingers even if you only tried to touch the leaves and the stem.

Flavor and Effects of Strawberry Snow Cone

The whiff of this strain will fill the room with sour strawberries. On the side of flavor, the strawberry jam will please your taste buds. Its effect is highly calming, but it keeps you awake. This strain can help you brush away the worries and anxieties while you keep up with reality. It’s best used during the day.

Medical Benefits of Strawberry Snow Cone

It can both handle physical and mental conditions with its soothing ability. It can eliminate the heaviness of body pain, headache, and fatigue. It can throw all the negativities to provide a clear mind and positivity to those who suffer from depression and stress.

Negative Effects of Strawberry Snow Cone

Dehydration is a common side effect after smoking strain, so expect to get dry mouth and bloodshot, itchy eyes. It can cause anxiety for those who can’t tolerate its potency.

Growing Strawberry Snow Cone

This strain will grow either indoors, greenhouse, or outdoors. It’s easy to cultivate this breed, and you can even have this in the classic soil medium. There are many techniques applicable to this strain such as LST, Defoliation, topping, and SCROG.

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