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Strawberry OG

Strawberry OG

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Not to be confused with the OG Strawberry strain, this hybrid was created by crossing the OG Kush strain with the SFV OG strain. The result is this sativa dominant hybrid that is popular for its intense strawberry flavor. Its nugs are a combination of light green and light yellow colors. They are densely packed together and covered with amber hairs and white trichomes.

Flavor and Effects of Strawberry OG

The aromatic and flavor profiles of this strain are incredibly mouthwatering. It is a wonderful mix of strawberry and berry that is balanced out with kushy flavors. However, do not let this fruitiness deceive you. The Strawberry OG strain can hit you hard and fast with a cerebral buzz that energizes your mind and opens it up to a number of possibilities. You will feel the motivation and productivity increase when smoking this bud. All these are simultaneously accompanied by a body high that is relaxing. The body buzz is in full effect all throughout the long-lasting high. You will feel quite heavy towards the end.

What are the Medicinal Benefits of Strawberry OG

The Strawberry OG hybrid is a great addition to the natural regimen against pain and inflammation. Its sedative body high can easily soothe out aches and pains. This includes mild headaches, migraines, body cramps, joint inflammations, and even arthritis. It can also help insomniacs full to a relaxing and peaceful sleep that they have been craving for. In addition, the Strawberry OG strain is also a great aid for patients who are suffering from chronic stress and depression. It offers you that extra kick that you might need to mitigate and manage out any anxiety and stressors.

Negative Effects of Strawberry OG

Because of its strong mental buzz, you might experience mild headaches and dizziness during the onset of this strain. This is often accompanied by nausea when used in high doses. Moderation is key. Another common side effect of this strain is dry mouth. This symptom, however, is mild enough to be mitigated by making sure you down glasses of water throughout the high. Dry mouth is often accompanied by dry and itchy eyes. Keeping eye drops handy will also help.

Growing Strawberry OG

Considering that it is resistant to mold, mildew, and pests, the Strawberry OG is an easy strain to grow. For those who are still starting to grow their own cannabis plants, this is music to their ears. This strain also thrives indoors and outdoors. When cultivated outdoors, this plant needs a warm and Mediterranean-like temperature for it to reach its full potential. The plant also grows short, so cultivating it indoors should not be a problem. The yields are high, and the plant can reward its growers in as early as 9 to 10 weeks.

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