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Strawberry Diesel

Strawberry Diesel

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This well-balanced hybrid comes from a combination of the NYC Diesel and Strawberry Cough’s strains. Both parents are renowned strains in their own rights. The buds of this plant are medium in size and are medium green in color. They are covered generously by orange or amber hairs and by a thick layer of white trichomes.

Flavor and Effects of Strawberry Diesel

The Strawberry Diesel cannabis strain offers a pungent and earthy aroma with overtones of diesel. This strong aromatic combination is often followed by hints of sweet strawberry. Fortunately, this pungent aroma is toned down as the smell carries over to its taste. When combusted, the strawberry taste overpowers the diesel flavor. This sweetness lingers as an aftertaste and can last for hours on the tongue.

The onset of this strain’s high is quick and hard. It comes as a cerebral surprise that sharpens the mind and the senses. After its initial surprise, the high mellows down after half an hour. This same effect starts to flow down to the body, and overall you will feel a perfect elated mind-body balance.

What are the Medicinal Benefits of Strawberry Diesel

Many people use the Strawberry Diesel strain as a stress reliever. It is able to manage your mood effectively, removing any negative thoughts and feelings, and replacing them with happy and hopeful ones. Because of its well-balanced mind-body high, patients who are struggling to manage symptoms of depression will find this strain especially helpful. Another common medical usage of this strain is pain relief. This covers mild to moderate pains and aches. The physical high calms the muscles release the tension, and alleviates the symptoms.

Negative Effects of Strawberry Diesel

This strain is known to kick in strong and hard. Because of this, you might feel dizzy and nausea, especially at the onset of the high. This can also result in a mild headache. Patients who have issues with anxiety should also steer away from this strain as it can trigger bouts of anxiety when consumed in high doses.

Growing Strawberry Diesel

The Strawberry Diesel plant can be grown in almost all settings €“ indoors, outdoor settings, and in greenhouses. Unfortunately, it is prone to mold, mildew, and pests. That is why experience is recommended when growing this strain as it demands extra attention before it awards its growers with a delightful harvest. When planted outdoors, this strain thrives only in a climate that is similar to that of the Mediterranean. It needs its humidity and its sunshine. Many growers prefer to cultivate this plant indoors and in greenhouse settings where environmental factors, such as temperature and light source, can be controlled. Additionally, this plant has a pungent odor, so growers would have to invest in odor-controlling equipment, especially when grown outdoors.