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Strawberry Blondie

Strawberry Blondie

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This hybrid strain that gives fruity smack to smokers is bred by Los Angeles Kush. Banana OG that is a carrier of a fruit basket and Strawberry Banana, gives a generous dose of fruitiness were mixed for the creation of this breed. It gives literal meaning to €˜sweet escape’ as its savory sweetness penetrates through the cerebral context for introspective high. It also provides meditative peace to smokers, and it can be used in the late afternoon when your energy starts to dwindle.

Flavor and Effects of Strawberry Blondie

It has a full expansion of fruity flavors of strawberry and berry. This tangy tropical sweetness offers a cerebral euphoria to gain happy users. Introspective mental buzz permeates into one’s system, and it goes down to the meditative and relaxing physical state. So it can be used in the evening or at night when you want to relax or take a good rest.

Medical Benefits of Strawberry Blondie

This strain has proven its worth to deal with symptoms of stress, depression, inflammation, pain, and muscle spasm. It also can curb eye pressure that is caused by glaucoma.

Negative Effects of Strawberry Blondie

It imparts the common adverse reactions of smoking weed, which are dry eyes and dry mouth. There were also a few cases of paranoia, so it’s wise to know your limitations.

Growing Strawberry Blondie

It grows in indoor and outdoor cultivation as well as the custom soil method. Growers should feed it with organic nutrients. It would stretch well too in the hand-trimmed process, and topping is necessary to clear it out during the harvest.

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