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Strawberry Alien Kush

Strawberry Alien Kush

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The combination of Alien Kush and Strawberry Cough made a moderately potent strain with loud terpenes. Dank House Seeds is responsible for inventing this hybrid strain that can be enjoyed by smokers on all levels. It enhances energy, and it provides long-lasting relief. It’s best used in the morning or during the day. It gives delight to its consumers because of its fruity aroma and taste of strawberries and cherries.

Flavor and Effects of Strawberry Alien Kush

It boasts strawberry aroma and taste with hints of cherries and floral incense. This sweetness gives invigorating high as the spirit is uplifted. It enhances the user’s focus to get done with his tasks. It has a mellow and relaxing effect in the last phase of this strain’s dominion.

Medical Benefits of Strawberry Alien Kush

It can control stress to be pacified, and its pain-relieving ability is long-lasting, so patients who suffer from these conditions depend on this strain. This strain’s terpene liquid is sealed in bottles to provide relief for nausea and minor pain without forming a sedative effect. It is also used to overcome eating disorders and stomach issues.

Negative Effects of Strawberry Alien Kush

It is the same with other strains in giving dry mouth and dry eyes to smokers. This strain may also make users anxious after they overused it.

Growing Strawberry Alien Kush

This strain can grow both indoors and outdoors. It can be cultivated using soil training to produce dense buds and thick resins. It likes sunny weather, and its budding time is at the end of summer or early autumn.

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