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Strawberry Akeil

Strawberry Akeil

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Serious Seeds collaborated with King Keil, a German hip hop artist, to make this strain. Bubble Gum and AK-47 are mixed to come up with a potent and flavorful hybrid. It has buds with a generous amount of trichomes that fills it with aromatic and delicious strawberry goodness. Those who love fruity flavors will surely have this strain on their list. The effect is a plus, as it is not considered too strong nor soft.

Flavor and Effects of Strawberry Akeil

It oozes with strawberries, candy-like sweetness, and the aroma of the plant is similar. Smoking this strain gives Sativa sensational high. Smokers will be uplifted as creativity also heightens. It will mellow back to a more relaxed and sensual feeling. This strain is good for socialization and relaxation.

Medical Benefits of Strawberry Akeil

It’s the strain for those who have insomnia as they are guaranteed enough sleep. It also handles the symptoms of depression and glaucoma.

Negative Effects of Strawberry Akeil

Dry mouth and irritated eyes are the side effects of smoking strain. Drinking a lot of water will stop dehydration. The smoker should be smart to know their dose limitation to avoid pronounced reactions.

Growing Strawberry Akeil

It can grow indoors and outdoors, and the SCROG method is perfect for this weed as it grows several secondary branches. It survives at the temperature of 18 – 27 degrees Celsius and 40 – 60% of humidity. It doesn’t like rain, so it should be protected from getting wet or dampness in a greenhouse or canopied balcony. The most successful growth outdoors of this strain took place in northern regions.

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