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Strawberries  Cream

Strawberries & Cream

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Strawberries and Cream grow dark green fan leaves, and some may appear as if it was dusted with confectionery sugar. Her bright sticky buds are also dusted heavily in white crystal trichomes with a spattering of orange pistils. This was produced by the Connoisseur Genetics and a cross between The White and the Strawberry Cough.

Flavor and Effects of Strawberries and Cream

The moment you light her up, the string strawberry aroma comes out and seeps into its flavor. The strawberry taste mixes well with pine and hash notes that stay for a long time in your mouth.

The effect is like taking a double espresso shot that wales you up in an instant and keeps you active the whole day. Its uplifting euphoria brings in the table a good mix of creativity and laughter that makes you the life of the party.

Medical Benefits of Strawberries
and Cream

The irony of Strawberries and Cream is despite its effect, it can be used to combat symptoms of anxiety, hyperactivity, and stress. It is also great for regulating mood, depression, bipolar disorder, and PTSD.

Negative Effects of Strawberries and Cream.

The strong cerebral effect of this weed may overwhelm a newbie or cause an even adverse reaction for users with low tolerance. Chances of experiencing paranoia are low, but new users are advised to take it in small quantities. For the more experienced users, dizziness and headaches are pretty standard, and smoking this weed can give you the cottonmouth.

Growing Strawberries and Cream

Cultivating this weed indoors or outside is easy and would not have any difference in its production. It can adapt pretty well to any form of training and can even maximize its yield. Breeders are advised to shorten the time for vegetation to allow it to stretch more as she flowers.

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