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Strange Brew

Strange Brew

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This strain gives a high with lavish flavors of lime, lemon, and herbs. It will make your mouth water before the cottonmouth feels sets in. Two favorites from Bodhi Seeds are chosen to make this Sativa-dominant and high-yielding strain. It is obtained from the combination of Snow Lotus and Sweet Skunk which is Canada’s cannabis treasure. It has mint green, super dense, and pepper-shaped nugs and covered by orange hair and crystalized sticky trichomes.

Flavor and Effects of Strange Brew

It carries the aroma of spicy, sour lime and earthy herbs with a bit of skunk. The exhale will give you skunky citrus as you have already got the taste of deep sourness of lime and lemon. The onset of the effect is a light euphoria, and the mind is occupied with creativity. The user feels it is uplifted with bliss without thinking of any worries and stress. The giddy euphoria comes with a relaxation that can expand the happiness of the user.

Medical Benefits of Strange Brew

It’s a great help in treating conditions such as appetite loss or nausea, PTSD, chronic anxiety, chronic stress, and depression.

Negative Effects of Strange Brew

Smokers should have water and soda with them when smoking strain to prevent having cottonmouth feel and dry eyes.

Growing Strange Brew

It grows indoors well, and it needs a headroom. A real keeper for growers and the vegetative stage is within 23-24 days. The soil in the pot must be packed with nutrients. Some general organics, coco coir, dry fertilizer or earth juice can be used. With all your effort, this strain will give you a solid yield.

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