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This strain is fathered by True OG and mothered by GSC from Plantworks. It is a heavy strain, so it was called the older cousin of Trewbacca and a much wiser one. It has a unique scent that may remind you of Mendo Breath. It has buds with light green and orange colors with little hair surrounding them. It is recommended for late afternoon and evening use for its calming effect that will make you feel more satisfied and happier.

Flavor and Effects of Stashsquatch

It has sweet and piney terpenes with an OG aftertaste. Smokers may also taste the spicy, peppery, herbal, and flower essence in it. Its high enfolds your system in an instant. It travels from the brain to the body with languid ease. The full-bodied buzz will leave you dazed with happiness and contentment. Tingles can be felt while you are lightly sedated.

Medical Benefits of Stashsquatch

It is picked to treat chronic stress and depression as it can put the body at rest and in happiness. This strain uplifts one’s spirit in a positive experience. It can alleviate nausea or appetite loss and inflammation. It can be administered to patients who need tranquility.

Negative Effects of Stashsquatch

Dry eyes that can be seen as bloodshot and dry mouth or cottonmouth feel are the usual side effects of Marijuana. Smokers better supply their bodies with water or fluids so they can fight dehydration.

Growing Stashsquatch

The options to grow this strain are indoors, outdoors, or greenhouse. It can thrive well in the classic soil method, and growers should provide the right nutrients. It’s also essential to be attentive in its feeding schedule.