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Starry Night

Starry Night

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Named after Vincent Van Gogh’s masterpiece, the Starry Night is an extremely rare bud even in states with a high amount of marijuana strains. Just like the painting, the buds are visually appealing. The flower is large in size, and the buds adhere in an elongated structure. The leaves are bright lime green in color with orange and brown pistils. White trichomes that glitter like stars complete the look.

Flavor and Effects of Starry Night

Overall the aromatic and flavor profile of this strain is fruity with hints of lemon hanging out underneath. When combusted, the smoke of Starry Night is smooth and pleasant. It does not irritate the throat, as many other marijuana strains do. On the exhale, you will also taste hints of pine that wraps the whole profile in a delicious ribbon.

The effects of this strain are slow. It takes a good 10 to 15 minutes before you will start feeling the head rush that results in the flushing of cheeks and clearing of the mind. As time passes, you will start to feel the sensation flow down to the body, and any tensions are released. Any motivation at the onset of the high will also gradually decrease as you would prefer to kick back and relax. It is recommended that this strain is used for the early evening.

What are the Medicinal Benefits of Starry Night

This strain can effectively dull physical pain, whether temporary or chronic. It can treat mild headaches, migraines, and also arthritis, and fibromyalgia.

Negative Effects of Starry Night

Those who are prone to panic and paranoia might experience bouts of these symptoms when smoking the Starry Night.

Growing Starry Night

Interested growers of this strain will have to obtain clippings from mature plants and foster these into their own identical €œclones.€ Once obtained, the Starry Night can be grown indoors and outdoors. Outdoors, it requires a hot and Mediterranean-like climate.

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