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Originally bred in California, this sativa leaning hybrid is a cross between the Chemdawg 4 strain and the Tres Dawg strain. It is thought to be named after the star-like trichomes that cover the plant and its €“dawg genetic lineage. The buds of this strain are densely structured and are dark green in color. Alongside its crystalline trichomes, the leaves are also covered with red-orange hairs. This strain is suited for daytime use with THC levels testing between 16% to 22%.

Flavor and Effects of Stardawg

The aromatic profile and flavor profile of Stardawg may sound nasty. However, many marijuana aficionados love their pungent profiles. The Stardawg strain offers musky and earthy notes with diesel and fuel undertones. Many describe it reminiscent of a roadkill skunk or an early morning breath. As expected, the smoke is thick and can irritate the throat.

Sativa leaning, the strain’s high is more cerebral. It is a fast-hitting strain that induces mental clarity, focus, and creativity almost immediately. You should be able to get any mundane and complicated tasks completed with little to no effort at all. You will also feel more talkative and sociable when high with this strain. As the effect progresses, you will feel the pressure flow to the body. You will start feeling comfortable and relaxed. Any tension and knots in the muscles will be easily smoothed out. The good thing is that, like many sativa dominant strains, the Stardawg does not completely sedate you. In fact, you can still run around doing errands but in a more relaxed and peaceful state. This bud has a reputation for a longer buzz time compared to many other strains.`

What are the medicinal benefits of Stardawg

Many patients choose Stardawg to help alleviate manage symptoms of stress, anxiety, and even depression. Its mental buzz has no room for any negative and stressful thoughts. Patients will feel inspired and motivated, even at least temporarily. Its physical effects also make Stardawg an effective pain killer. Mild headaches, migraines, and muscle pains can be easily managed by puffing smaller doses of this strain.

Negative Effects of Stardawg

The Stardawg cannabis strain is a very potent strain. Moderation should always be practiced when consuming this. First, because of the high amount of cannabinoids in it, you can easily suffer from dry eyes and dry mouth. Second, when used in high doses, it can induce bouts of paranoia, dizziness, and headaches.

Growing Stardawg

This plant can be cultivated indoors, outdoors, or in a greenhouse environment. Many growers, however, prefer to cultivate the plant in a controlled setting where humidity, ventilation, and other environmental factors can be manipulated. This plant requires regular cutting and trimming to ensure sunlight and air reaches the lower flowering nodes. It is easy to grow and can reward its growers with high yield in as early as 8 weeks.

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