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Stardawg 91

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Stardawg 91 is a dominant indica hybrid strain that is generated by crossing the classic Stardawg x Chemdawg 91. The duplicated Dawg family member presents its yellowish fur and small bright white frosty trichomes fuzzy soft olive green nugs.

Flavor and Effects of Stardawg 91

The diesel, earthy, and peppery undertones of flavors this strain will let you savor. The Stardawg 91 starts with a rushing euphoria that instills a sense of happiness in your mind. A wild, high physical body comes in, creeping on you before lowering you into a state of pure sleepy relief that ends up lasting for hours. And then it will particularly get you in a couch-locked moment.

Medical Benefits of Stardawg 91

Stardawg 91 is recommended for those who are suffering from conditions such as depression, insomnia, chronic stress, muscle spasms, and chronic pain with its potent effects and its super-powerful THC level.

Negative Effects of Stardawg 91

Usage of this strain will make you experience dry eyes and mouth. In some rare cases, it will trigger headache and dizziness when indulging.

Growing Stardawg 91

Stardawg 91 strain can be cultivated indoors or outdoors. The pleasantly warm climate will be best on this plant as it brings the aroma, height, and flavors pleasantly. Thus, you may also add some fertilizers and must cultivate this in a setting free from pests or any type of disease that can harm the plant.

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