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Its genetics is unknown due to high levels of breeder secrecy. StarBud is the HortiLab seedline’s trademark indica. StarBud has developed a reputation for its thick coating of trichomes that sparkles like stars since winning the Indica Cup at the High Times Cannabis Cup in 2009. This powerful indica originated from a Midwest United States mystery clone.

Flavor and Effects of StarBud

This strain’s flavors are an interesting mix of lemon, diesel, chemical, hash, peppery, pine, spicy, sugary, and sweet touches. You’re going to be hit first in the head with a slightly euphoric yet stoney effect that leaves you hazy and almost irresponsive. This is accompanied by a powerful high sedative body that for hours on end leaves you completely couch-locked and immovable.

Medical Benefits of StarBud

This bud is particularly useful for chronic insomnia therapy. If you are suffering from chronic conditions such as severe stress, you can benefit from this strain. This formula can also be used to relieve a lack of appetite and is favored by many people with cancer who need some support to improve their hunger following diagnosis.

Negative Effects of StarBud

You should be prepared for a dry mouth and dry and itchy red eyes. This will also make you feel anxious when you smoke this plant, or in rare cases even end up with a mild headache.

Growing StarBud

The strain is resistant to both specific molds and mildews and can be successfully grown in both indoor and outdoor conditions. The application of fertilizer is encouraged and the warm and sunny, Mediterranean-like climate is also best on this strain.