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Star Tonic

Star Tonic

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Star Tonic is another rare CBD-rich strain that was created by combining the Death Star with the Cannatonic. It has CBD levels reaching up to 12% to 16%, while its THC count is between 8% to 12%.

Flavor and Effects of Star Tonic

For the most part, the aromatic profile of Star Tonic is a delicious mix of citrus and sweet lemons. Smoking this strain is like drinking orange and lemon juice. On the exhale, this sweetness is balanced out with an earthy aftertaste.

Originally created for medicinal purposes, the effects of this strain are mellow. It is a slow starter, just like its parent, the Death Star. Once the high hits, you will feel the mental buzz that clears your mind from any stress and worries. The body buzz also relaxes you, allowing you to fully enjoy the mental clarity for a longer period. This strain is ideal for daytime use.

What are the Medicinal Benefits of Star Tonic

With CBD levels reaching up to 16%, the Star Tonic is an excellent therapeutic strain. One of its benefits is its anti-inflammatory properties that can be used to reduce swelling and redness. It effectively soothes any muscle pains and various aches from all over the body. Chronic stress is also easily alleviated with this strain, thanks to its mood-enhancing and stabilizing properties.

Cottonmouth Effects You Can Expect from Star Tonic

Dehydration is a common effect on marijuana use. You will experience dry eyes and cottonmouth while on high, and this might make you uncomfortable. Keep a water source nearby and stay hydrated throughout for you to be able to fully enjoy the benefits of the Star Tonic.

Growing Star Tonic

Those looking to grow the Star Tonic will have to obtain clippings from mature plants in order to cultivate their own as seeds are not available for sale. Once obtained, the Star Tonic thrives well in warm and semi-humid outdoor climate, between 70 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit. The plants grow short and busy, so regular pruning is required. This process ensures that the lower nodes also get to enjoy the right amount of sunlight and ventilation.

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