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Spyder Mon

Spyder Mon

This sativa dominant strain was created by combining the infamous Super Skunk strain with Charlotte’s Web strain. The result is this CBD-rich strain with up to 2% THC levels. With its THC:CBD combination, the Spyder Mon is a superhuman bud with great anti-inflammatory properties. Its buds are bright neon green in colors and are covered with long orange hairs and tiny white trichomes.

Flavor and Effects of Spyder Mon

The Spyder Mon strain has a cheesy flavor with hints of pepper in them. After a few more puffs, you will start to taste hints of sharp citrus that will linger on the tongue for a long while. With its low THC and high CBD count, the effects of this strain are pretty mellow in nature. It is generally relaxing and uplifting, which will leave you clear-headed and focused.

What are the Medicinal Benefits of Spyder Mon

The high CBD ratio makes this strain a great treatment for pain relief. Taking a few puffs of this bud will leave you feeling pain-free in both mind and body, which can last for hours. This is especially helpful for those struggling with any kind of body pains and headaches.

Negative Effects of Spyder Mon

Negative effects of this strain are rare. However, in high doses, it might induce slight dizziness.

Growing Spyder Mon

Not only does this strain offer great recreational and medicinal value, but it is also a darling to grow. It thrives well in any kind of environment €“ from indoors to outdoors to greenhouse settings. As long as it is given the right amount of sunlight, temperature, humidity, and ventilation, it can provide its growers its full amount of yield.