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Two powerhouses, the Do Si Dos and Sunset Sherbet strains, have linked up to bring this award-winning strain. The Spumoni strain won the 2018 High Times Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam. It is a sativa leaning hybrid with over 20% THC levels. Its buds are rich green in color with purple streaks. They are covered in rich amber pistils and a generous layer of trichomes.

Flavor and Effects of Spumoni

This award-winning strain has a unique aromatic and flavor profile. It gives out an interesting combination of pungent funk and gassy smell and flavor. These are often accompanied by hints of smooth sweet undertones, which is most likely from its parent, the Sunset Sherbet strain.

This strain is able to enlighten you with a beautiful mind-body balance high. Starting with a mellow buzz around the temples, you will feel creativity and ideas flow through your mind more freely. You will feel more confident, sociable, and sometimes will have an uncontrollable case of the giggles. Simultaneously, the physical manifestation of the high will relax and calm you. Any aches or pains will be smoothed out.

What are the Medicinal Benefits of Spumoni

The medicinal values of this strain are as wide as its recreational benefits. It is a natural painkiller that can easily alleviate any headaches, migraines, backaches, and muscle spasms. It is also a natural mood booster. Patients who are struggling with chronic mental ailments will benefit from this strain. They will feel happy, more sociable, and generally at peace with themselves.

Negative Effects of Spumoni

Because of the high amount of cannabinoids in the Spumoni strain, you will most likely end up with a case of cottonmouth that is often accompanied by dry and droopy eyes. Make sure to stay hydrated by keeping a source of water nearby, and even some eye drops too.

Growing Spumoni

Relatively easy to grow, the Spumoni can be cultivated indoors, outdoors, and in greenhouse settings. Growers might prefer to cultivate them in controlled settings, so the appropriate environmental factors can be controlled. This way, the plants can provide its growers with its maximum yield in the shortest time possible.

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