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Spirit of 76

Spirit of ’76

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The Spirit of 76 was created by the breeders at Kindman in Denver, Colorado. A perfect 50/50 blend of sativa and indica, this bud was recognized as one of the best strains in 2015 by the Denver Post. It has gorgeous buds that are dark green in color with streaks of purple. Orange hairs cover the buds to make an eye-catching contrast. A thick layer of white trichomes completes the look.

Flavor and Effects of Spirit of €˜76

This fragrant bud smells a lot like a bouquet of sweet florals and lavender. It is often accompanied by whiffs of fresh grape and sweet pine. The pungent aromatic profile of this strain is strong enough to fill and leave its trace in the room. Similar to its aroma, the flavors of the Spirit of 76 are also very pungent. On exhale, you will taste thick woody and spicy hints, mixed with pine and herbs.

The effects of this strain start with a cerebral rush that opens creativity and sociability. You will find yourself talking a lot and actually enjoying conversations, even if you are the shy type. The physical buzz will be a calm and relaxing one, making this an ideal bud to have during social gatherings.

What are the Medicinal Benefits of the Spirit of €˜76

In battling against chronic pain, this strain is considered to be one of the most effective strains there is. It can easily relieve symptoms without making you feel heavy and lethargic in the end.

Negative Effects of Spirit of €˜76

Some negative effects from smoking the Spirit of 76 is mild dizziness and anxiety at the of the high.

Growing Spirit of €˜76

When kept happy, this strain can reward its growers generously and without any difficulty. It can be grown indoors and in a mild and warm outdoor climate.

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