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Spiked Punch

Spiked Punch

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Bred by the Skunk House Genetics, the Spiked Punch strain is a combination of two indica dominant classics, the Purple Punch and the Larry OG F8 cannabis strains. Its buds are dense and cling together in a conical structure. They are dark purple in color and are covered with a thick layer of trichomes.

Flavor and Effects of Spiked Punch

This astonishing trichome-laden strain has a delicious profile that has garnered a large number of followers. It tastes like grape candy and blueberry muffins with an aftertaste of tartiness. The potency of this strain gives a balanced mind-body punch. It starts with pressure on the eyes that gradually creeps down to the core and to the limbs. It has a powerful euphoric effect that eventually leads to a relaxing and sleepy state in the end.

What are the Medicinal Benefits of Spiked Punch

Because of its euphoric effects, the Spiked Punch can easily erase any stresses that a person might collect throughout the day. It is an effective medicinal bud for those who are trying to manage depression and PTSD symptoms. Its bodily buzz always makes this strain an effective pain killer, especially for minor body aches.

Negative Effects of Spiked Punch

Because of its high amount of cannabinoids, the Spiked Punch can easily cause dry eyes and cottonmouth. Just make sure you have water nearby to hydrate yourself continuously throughout the high.

Growing Spiked Punch

The Spiked Punch prefers a controlled environment, like greenhouses, although it also grows in indoor and outdoor settings. Its growth rate can be made faster by controlling the different environmental factors, such as light spectrum and intensity and temperature in greenhouses.

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