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Special Skunk #1

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Special Skunk #1 is a hybrid of indica and sativa variety. The strain was created by crossing the renowned Skunk strain with the genetics of Afghani. This strain is now considered as one of the few significant experiments in the field of cross-breeding and now became one of the greatest strain in the market, thanks to its Skunk #1 genes.

Flavor and Effects of Special Skunk #1

Special Skunk #1 comprises a powerful aroma of earthy and mixture of subtle pungent. These are also accompanied by indications of a little sour with sweet and skunk. Usually, the taste of the strain is similar to its aroma which is skunky. It can taste sweet and creamy when consumed, and when exhaled, it has indications of sour with a mixture of herbs that you can taste on your tongue. The effects of the strain can deliver relaxation on your mind and the entire body. It can be compared to having a massage with euphoric feelings and may keep you feeling giggles. It can also make you more social and chatty. This uplifted feelings may remain for the whole high, enabling the user to have a real decent impression.

Medical Benefits of Special Skunk #1

The potency of the strain can help to relieve stress without giving your body the feeling of heaviness. It could also assist in aiding any trace of depression by enabling the consumer to be extra optimistic and encouraging on being alive. The Special Skunk #1 strain may also benefit the consumers with psychological problems like uncertainty and anxiety, and also, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Negative Effects of Special Skunk #1

The cannabis strain can cause you suffering from feeling dehydrated. It could also trigger dizziness and paranoia particularly if ingested at large dosage and not being able to tolerate it. It could also make your eyes itchy.

Growing Special Skunk #1

Special Skunk #1 is great for cultivation either indoor or outdoor. Though the strain is best suited for indoor environment, the plant has developed an ability to resist molds, only when given a dry environment especially during the flowering period, wherein the plants can be a little sensitive.

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