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Special Sauce

Special Sauce

This rare CBD-rich hybrid is created by the Oregon CBD. Despite its small to medium-sized flowers, it packs some serious heat. The dense nugs are distinguished by its multicolored leaves that are green, orange, browns, and the occasional purple hues. They are covered by amber pistils and white trichomes that gives the extra glaze to this visually appealing plant. Its buds also give off a very distinctive aromatic and flavor profile, hence the name.

Flavor and Effects of Special Sauce

This CBD-rich hybrid comes with a very strong and sweet pine aroma that is usually accompanied by hints of citrus. It smells smooth, and its flavor profile is just the same. Some buds are harsh on the throat when combusted. However, the Special Sauce is not one of them. The flavors are somewhat similar to its smell : sweet, pine, and hints of citrus. On exhale, however, dark and woody flavors with floral undertones linger on the tongue.

The Special Sauce is a mellow strain that offers a very unique and high-quality buzz. On the onset, you will feel the gentle sensation of calmness and relaxation slowly fill your mind and body. It pushes out any negative and ill thoughts while simultaneously smoothing out any tension on the muscles and the rest of the body. As the high progress, gradually, you will feel the mental clarity start to improve. Your mind fills with innovative and new ideas that will impress you. You will start to feel motivated to complete any tasks at hand. All these effects while you feel calm and at peace with yourself.

What are the Medicinal Benefits of Special Sauce

With its high CBD content of almost 18%, this strain offers a number of medicinal values. First, it is an awesome night time sleep aid that will benefit insomniacs and anyone who is struggling to get some quality sleep. Its mellow buzz is also great for patients who are trying to manage any negativity in their lives. It helps them see things from a more positive perspective, lets them feel more hopeful. That being said, this strain is usually used for treatment for stress relief. This includes mild symptoms of stress to chronic cases, such as depression and even PTSD.

Negative Effects of Special Sauce

Its high amount of cannabinoids will give you a very strong sensation of dry mouth and dry eyes. Regular downing of water is crucial to keep this effects manageable. Eye drops should also be readily available in case itchy and red eyes will become too uncomfortable.

Growing Special Sauce

The Special Sauce can grow well in indoor and outdoor settings. However, they would require more experienced growers as regular and strict monitoring is needed to ensure you end up with CBD-rich buds.