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Special K

Special K

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Using the two outstanding Sagarmatha Seed of Amsterdam, the Western Winds combined with the Slyder came the Special K, a remarkable strain after inheriting the good qualities of the parents. The aroma that will sink into your mind after inhalation of the grassy, woody smell with herbal undertones, then comes the high that is quite special and keep you coming.

Flavor and Effects of Special K

The Special K has a sweetness of berry citrus taste mixed with the spicy, woody taste as the after taste. This strain can easily induce your mind with many creative ideas because of the energizing euphoria. It can share yet very relaxing feeling like it won’t happen again. A cerebral high indeed to keep you going.

Medical Benefits of Special K

When it comes to illnesses, Special K is a very good option in relieving anxiety, fatigue, headaches, hypertension, and stress. It can also improve the body’s tolerance to cancer and bowel problems, including insomnia.

Negative Effects of Special K

There are only two adverse effects when using the Special K, the drying of both eyes and mouth, but if overdosage, the eye pressure will come in and will keep you in tears all the time.

Growing Special K

To grow this Special K, it should be done with the method, of course, the fact that it is tall, so it is expected to bend over time, so put support when it is getting heavier. Another thing about the Special K, it can thrive outdoors with just enough wind waves to conquer, but it can never get through if it is the raging force of nature. It also has an issue with the height where even topping it from time to time won’t work, so in most cases, gardeners would rather cultivate it indoors, for safekeeping from nature and the eyes of the neighbor too.

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