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Special AK 2

Special A.K. #2

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The Special AK #2 is a mostly Indica strain that emits a nice and full woody smell.

The variety is from Good House Seeds and was a result of a cross-cultivation between two hybrids: the mostly Sativa AK-47 and the mostly Indica KGB.

Flavor and Effects of Special AK #2

The strain has a notably sweet and woody flavor. There is also the distinguishable earthy character to taste that serves as a backdrop.

This Indica-dominant hybrid causes a relaxing high that is both soothing and tranquil. It is great for a lazy afternoon or in the evening right before bedtime.

Medical Benefits of Special AK #2

The cannabis variety may be advised to users who deal with fatigue, anxiety, stress, depression and insomnia. The hybrid may also help those who are plagued with PTSD and are prone to panic attacks.

Negative Effects of Special AK #2

You may experience some dizziness, loss of focus, and sluggishness after taking the strain. There is also the high probability of acquiring red eyes, dry mouth, cottonmouth and headaches.

Growing Special AK #2

The plant thrives best indoors as it leads to shorter flowering time and higher yield. While it does grow outdoors, it would need another week or so before it becomes ready for harvest.

When planting indoors, be sure to give it enough ceiling space to grow as it tends to be tall. It is also important to provide it with water, sufficient light hours, and a decent growing medium.