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Space Monster

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Space Monster is a super rare indica dominated hybrid strain formed by crossing the strong strains of Nebula and Purple People Eater. For a reason, they call that bud a monster. Space Monster nugs are richly covered with resin.

Flavor and Effects of Space Monster

The first puff is a fast chemical softening with sour, spicy, sweet, berry, and grape undertones. The euphoric boost that infuses you with a burst of concentration comes to you in hard. This heightened concentration quickly turns hazy, morphing into a state of grotesque stoney that leaves you incapable of doing much of anything. Next comes a fast engulfing muscle, creeping into your body’s nooks and crannies and lulling you into a deep state of pain-free comfort.

What are the Medical Benefits of Space Monster

This highly sedative strain is perfect for any condition in which it would be helpful even for a mild tranquilizer. This involves pain, pressure, cramps, nausea, stress, and depression.

Negative Effects of Space Monster

Dryness is a common reaction to the moisturizing cannabinoids of Space Monster. You may also experience some dizziness. Also, you may experience a headache if you go beyond the level of tolerance.

Growing Space Monster

This strain can be cultivated indoors or outdoors. Hence, the warm climate should be in for the best growth. Also, you need to install HID lights with the power of 600 watts during its period of flowering for best results.