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Space Dawg

Space Dawg is an indica dominant strain with a variety of sativa. The TGA Subcool Seeds created a great strain by combining the genetics of Space Queen strain and the sativa genetics of Super Snow Dog strain. When seen physically, the cannabis plant has long and dense columns, with buds that have indica structure and thick leaves in bright green color. The trichomes are covered with thick resins.

Flavor and Effects of Space Dawg

The terpene profile of the strain gives off a mixture of must scent with a little presence of earthy. It some cases, few hints of herbal scent is also present. It may also have skunk aroma in a subtle way. When consumed using a joint, it delivers smooth smoke with a tang of floral flavor and slightly dank when breathing out.

Being an indica dominant variety, it may take time before the effects set in your body and mind. As the high effect finally appears, it gives the users the impression of concentrated quality. It may arise in the emphasis of getting brought in various paths all at once. It could also induce radiant dialogue. The strain, Space Dawg may also give off a cloud-like state of mind and maybe accompanied along with unusual bodily feelings including the mind and the face resulting in boosting of saliva production and flushed cheeks. As the effects go on, it goes down to your torso and giving you a numb impression. The capability of the strain to provide mellow and serenity can be a great way to spend moments with friends.

Medical Benefits of Space Dawg

Due to its ability to eradicate tensions on the body and mind, the strain Space Dawg can be a great way to treat any traces of pressure, sadness or depressive thoughts, the uncertainty of the mind, and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. The strain may similarly help alleviate serious discomfort in the body regardless if it is persistent or illness-associated. The strain can also boost appetite for those who have no interest in eating. It could also be a great strain for sleeplessness and aid in sleeping.

Negative Effects of Space Dawg

The cannabis strain, Space Dawg may not cause paranoia to users as compared to other strains, yet the effects may result in powerful numbing of the body when consumed at a higher dosage.

Growing Space Dawg

The strain can be developed both indoors and in outdoor environments. If you happened to be cultivating outdoor, it may need an environment that is humid and with a climate similar to the Mediterranean with lighting that is consistent. The cannabis strain only delivers a medium amount of production as it only grows short.

Best Place To Buy Space Dawg

Exceptional (9.7)


Excelent (9.5)


Excelent (9.5)


Excelent (9.5)

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