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Space Cream

Space Cream

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Space Cream is the cross between Timewreck and Space Queen. If some strain provides a hit that goes very heavy, the Space Cream is just the right amount of high so that you can get from point A to point B without any problems. The Sour Cream has a very inviting aroma that picks your nose the earthy lemon is well blended with sweet citrus and vanilla, the fragrance that you would want to start your day and feel good.

Flavor and Effects of Space Cream

The flavors to remember Space Cream are mixed with sweet vanilla and lemon the twist with the earthy undertones. This cannabis can get you n your feet for a while to boost your creative mood, euphorically happy, and the relaxing yet uplifting feeling after.

Medical Benefits of Space Cream

Enjoy the Sour Cream’s benefits for chronic pain such as headaches, arthritis, muscle pain, and treating depression, stress, and mood swings.

Negative Effects of Space Cream

Luckily, the Sour Cream doesn’t give many bad effects on the body, just a mild case of dry mouth and eyes, so to deal with the drying, keep yourself hydrated and put eye drops in your eyes to lessen the dryness and fill the moisture again and avoid irritations.

Growing Space Cream

Another elusive strain for it is a little difficult to maintain. To handle the Space Cream, put it indoor using hydroponics, it will be much safer from diseases and all the mold, you don’t need to water it often too, for it will be hydrated for a long time.