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South Central LA

South Central LA is a Root Seller Seeds high-THC indica variety. This variety was ranked first in the Denver Marijuana Cup 2014 indica class. What is not established is the origin of the crop, so we don’t know exactly how or why, but South Central LA carries it when it comes to effects.

Flavor and Effects of South Central LA

Its flavor boasts of a sweet berry send mixed with sugary grape and blueberry. Your experience is going to launch you into the clouds with a mental high that leaves you empty, dreamy, and euphoric. This feeling makes its way through your whole body slowly, and as hot waves of bliss rush through you, you will become couch-locked yet very hungry. With this pressure, Cravings hit you hard.

Medical Benefits of South Central LA

South Central LA will treat patients who suffer before bedtime to control their insomnia by helping them to feel more relaxed. If you are suffering from chronic inflammation and associated pain problems, daily use of this Indica strain may also help you. When you suffer from depression, this strain will help you manage it.

Negative Effects of South Central LA

This plant can cause your eyes to feel a bit itchy and irritated, so if you are prone to this, you may consider being prepared with some eye drops. You will mostly feel a little dehydrated and thirsty after a few drags of this weed, and your throat may feel a little itchy, which will cause you to cough.

Growing South Central LA

Both indoor and outdoor growths are fine choices when cultivating this strain. In a warm and dry, Mediterranean-like climate this will do best. Together with proper lighting, temperature, and fertilizer may bring the best potency.

Best Place To Buy South Central LA

Exceptional (9.7)


Excelent (9.5)


Excelent (9.5)


Excelent (9.5)

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