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South Asian Indica

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South Asian Indica marijuana is a 100% indica plant from South Asia with moderately high levels of THC. While the appearance varies depending on the region and the exact genetics, a particular pattern tends to be followed. South Asian Indica buds have low to moderate lumpy, thick spade-shaped or round nugs varying from light minty greens to dark olive greens in color. Many are very leafy and have hairs that range from almost translucent to deep in color in rich amber or purple shades. Every nug has a thick layer of sticky sweet resin and crystal trichomes are frosty.

Flavor and Effects of South Asian Indica

This strain induces the sweet, skunky, woody, and earthy flavor profile. The onset will create a calming effect on you that will relax you both in your mind and body. You’re going to be happy, sedated, and utterly at home with a little sleepiness that often ends up in the comedown getting dosed off.

Medical Benefits of South Asian Indica

South Asian Indicas is the perfect choice for treating conditions like insomnia, chronic pain, inflammation, mild to moderate cases of depression, and muscle spasms or cramps.

Negative Effects of South Asian Indica

South Asian Indica strain brings the dryness of both eyes (red or irritated eyes) and mouth (cottonmouth).

Growing South Asian Indica

This strain needs to be topped and trimmed as it can accelerate the process of flowering. You also need the plant to grow outdoors in a longer period, and some synthetic humidifying agents can mimic the plant’s ideal indoor environment.