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Sour Urkle

Sour Urkle

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Combination of Sour Diesel and Purple Urkle is the Sour Urkle, but in reality, this strain is not the type that it sours because it got what it takes in the cannabis world, thanks to the parents very well-known good traits, the Sour Urkle have the best of both worlds that makes it good relaxant and good energizer too. The aroma is also a wide variety of range from, the sweet and sour scent up to the mixed diesel, pungent skunky smell, evenly divided from the parents

Flavor and Effects of Sour Urkle

Sweet, tangy berry mixed with the citrus diesel taste is what the Sour Urkle boasts about, and not to mention the high relaxing moments to achieve while so uplifting and happy. You could still be focused even as the high gets down and puts you in the hungry games, where you will be thinking about food.

Medical Benefits of Sour Urkle

In the medicinal side of the Sour Urkle, it has been popular in treating depression and stress aside from the fatigue. Pain and inflammation are also benefited from their properties.

Negative Effects of Sour Urkle

Sour Urkle is fun to use, but the after-effects are quite annoying, especially when you will be suffering dry mouth, feeling anxious in everything you do, the itching because of the dry eyes, and aside from that, the dizziness. But for whatever reason, you will still get back to the high it can give you disregarding the negative effects.

Growing Sour Urkle

Topping is the top method that needs to be implemented with this strain, because of its medium stature, it is expected to have a need for higher humidity under other leaves to make it breathe more and live well.

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