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Sour Sunset

Sour Sunset

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The Sour Sunset strain was created by crossing the Sour Diesel, a perennial favorite strain, with the flavorful Secret Sherbet strain. This indica leaning hybrid has high levels of THC, measured between 18% to 24%. Its plants are distinguished by their small to medium-sized flowers that cluster together in a cypress-like structure. Its large leaves are mossy green in color and are covered with vibrant red pistils and cloudy, transparent trichomes.

Flavor and Effects of Sour Sunset

Thanks to its relatively high THC levels, the Sour Sunset emits a rather pungent aroma. It is powerful enough to fill an entire room of a tropical fragrant that is reminiscent of citrus and ripe lemons. Tangy undertones are subtle at first but gradually intensifies once the bud is combusted. Its flavor profile, on the other, centers around the tangy taste. Lemon aftertaste accompanies this and lingers on the tongue for hours from the last smoke.

The effects of the Sour Sunset is quick. You can immediately feel the high kick in after the first few clouds of smoke. It starts with a gentle buzz that intensifies gradually. It offers an invigorating and uplifting effect that both affects the mind and the body. Cerebrally, it starts the engine for creativity, focus, and productivity. It ushers in happy memories and inspires an innate sense of happiness. Its physical sensation releases tension from the body, before blanketing you in a deep-seated relaxation. While the effects of this bud are intense, it does not leave you heavy and lethargic.

What are the Medicinal Benefits of Sour Sunset

While it was created primarily for recreational use, the Sour Sunset offers a number of medicinal value thanks to its mind and body effects. Stress relief is one of the main uses of this bud. Patients who are struggling to manage to keep stress and anxiety at bay will find this bud especially helpful and uplifting. Similarly, it also manages symptoms of PTSD and depression. Its physical tranquilizing buzz, on the other hand, makes it a natural pain killer. Right from the temples down to the core and the extremities. It relieves patients of any headaches, migraines, nausea, and even joint inflammation.

Negative Effects of Sour Sunset

The cannabinoid in marijuana strains will cause dry eyes and dry mouth. But both these effects are mild and can be easily mitigated by downing glasses of water throughout the high.

Growing Sour Sunset

The Sour Sunset grows short, dense, and compact. This makes it an ideal candidate to cultivate using the Sea of Green Method. Its dense foliage requires that growers regularly trim the plants to ensure an adequate amount of ventilation and light reaches the lower flowering nodes. This plant can also be cultivated using a hydroponics medium.

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