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Sour Power

Sour Power

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One of the best cannabis out there is the Sour Power, it won the High Times Cannabis Cup not just once, or twice but thrice in a row. This is expected when the parents are also a winner on their own leagues. Crossbreeding StarBud, 2009 Best Indica in the High Times Cannabis Cup winner that brings a totally couch-lock effect and the StarBud a Sativa dominant strain that is quite dominating in one of the most potent cannabis was the best idea of the HortiLAb Seeds.

The Sour Power’s earthy, woody and pine aroma is mixed with the skunk sweet and sour aroma, thus making it intriguing to try, and then make it possible to feel the very insanely cerebral static noise that is already outstanding the parents’ traits.

Flavor and Effects of Sour Power

From sweet berry taste up to the blend of pine and tobacco mixed with the skunk diesel, it will be a world of taste that needs to be tried. You will feel energetically happy and uplifted while being talkative but relaxed. Good choice if you need to attend certain functions or events that need to be very sociable and meet new people and get rid of the shyness in your head.

Medical Benefits of Sour Power

In order to attain the best medical benefit from Sour Power, it should be used with correct dosage to deal with depression, high-stress level, lacking appetite that may cause you to have bowel problems, this strain can reverse it somehow. The chronic pain such as back pain, arthritis, headaches some would experience migraines can be reduced. In terms of fatigue, this strain can get rid of it easily.

Negative Effects of Sour Power

Though this cannabis is a big help for ailments. it can also be a cause to create one if not used moderately. Some of the problems would be drying of the mouth, feel paranoid, anxiety, dizziness and lastly, dry eyes,

Growing Sour Power

Sour Power takes a long time until the harvest time, so tendencies are the long waiting time, the longer time to take care of it, and methods to do to make sure it will still be healthy until the flowering time.

This plant will likely be tall, so to help it out, topping must be done once or twice, or depending on the case for sometimes because of the nutrients, they grow very fast. You can also do pruning to share the evenly share the nutrients to other parts of the plants, and the trimming you did will also be beneficial to the buds on the lower level, it can be exposed to light, that will lead to lessening mildews and molds problem.

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