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Sour Power OG

Sour Power OG

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Two well-known strains from two famous laboratories were combined to create the Sour Power OG. The Hortilab Seeds with its Sour Power and the Karma Genetics’ Biker Kush were combined. The result of this arranged marriage resulted in unique traits of the Sour Power OG, the energy it can give is just well-balanced to get you through your day but won’t let you feel so knocked-out after, you can still see yourself moving and focused. Just the right cannabis to do home chores and where the focus is needed.

The terpene profile of this strain plays very well on the energizing side but slows you down with grace. This can also be good for newbies who want to try cannabis from medicinal purposes and give them the idea of how it works.

Flavor and Effects of Sour Power OG

It may not be as sweet and enticing to try, but you will get by with the sour and spicy taste with fuel undertones of the Sour Power OG, for it can give you a lot more after that. The cerebral high that this strain can be very uplifting and calming. You will still be energetic but just the right level that can make you happy and not excited.

Medical Benefits of Sour Power OG

It can ease symptoms of stress and depression, the chronic pain that persists for how long already, that will easily get rid of by Sour Power OG.

Negative Effects of Sour Power OG

The undesirable effects of the Sour Power OG consist of drying of the mouth and the eyes. Sometimes, redness and irritation occur due to over dryness. This strain can also cause lethargy if too much consumption is executed

Growing Sour Power OG

The Sour Power OG maybe a little small but very terrible. Due to its stout fat and firm bud, there should be constant checking on the lower part of the plant, for this strain is quite susceptible to molds and mildews. Pruning can help to help it breath more, especially to the creases where there less ventilation without cutting out those dead leaves. At the same time, it will help to spread out the nutrient very well, instead of steadying it to the dead branches.

Another method that can help with cultivation outdoor is to do the mulching method to prevent unwanted grass from growing beside t and taking away all the nutrients. Most gardeners who don’t want to invest time in the growing process indoors is one of the best options. Now, for indoors, you can rely on the controllable weather and temperature, you can adjust it according to the temperature you need, the lighting needed that will act as the sun, one of the most essential during flowering time, and the last would be the humidity. If you have no other choice for humidity, aside from putting a ventilation system, just use an old electric fan, it can do the same as the ventilator.

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