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Sour Patch Kiss

Sour Patch Kiss

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The Sour Patch Kiss is the offspring after crossbreeding the Kimbo’s Kush to the Sour Kush’s. This strain was created by the Elev8 Seeds. They made it create and combine the best traits of the parents. As a result, the high THC high hitting Sativa strain that will keep you relaxed but aware, not the blind.

Flavor and Effects of Sour Patch Kiss

The fruity taste and the twist of sour flavor make this cannabis wonderful to your palate, especially mixed with the diesel undertones. If you have an issue with Kush taste, just be a little careful with this one. The relaxation that this plant can give may be rated to have a 10 effect, for it can knock you down and very focused. You will also feel euphorically happy and uplifted. In some manner, if you are bored, then you got hit by Sour Patch Kiss. It will be an overflowing of ideas.

Medical Benefits of Sour Patch Kiss

Sour Patch Kiss is positively effective with stress, and fatigue reduction also includes severe to moderate depression. You can also consider using this strain in dealing with headaches. In some cases, those who suffer from lack of appetite due to ailment or due to personal choice, this strain has the power to reverse that problem.

Negative Effects of Sour Patch Kiss

The usual typical negative effects Sour Patch Kiss can give are the drying of the mouth and a little on the drying of the eyes. Eye irritation can occur, so you may use eyes drop for dry eyes and water hydration for dry mouth.

Growing Sour Patch Kiss

Growing Sour Patch Kiss is an easy to moderate type of task. Outdoor planting is not as much as difficult, but there are problems too that arise during your duration of planting your favorite cannabis. But one thing is for sure when you have very healthy soil. You will also have healthy plants and higher yields. One of the most common problems when planting is the weeds that invade your area, so when you are not the type who has time to check on the garden, then it will; be the battle between the cannabis and the unwanted crabgrass. To address the problem, try to put pull them out when it is just a few of them or use preemergence herbicide on are to dry them up, another thing that is organic and effective as well is to mulch the whole area, safe and effective.

Another problem that arises, no matter indoor or outdoor, spider mites is very pesky when it comes to the cannabis world. These mites are prevented very well in simple ways, make sure that your indoor facility or your indoor garden is well sealed and shut. Don’t let your beloved pets get inside your garden because they can bring little problems, and the last is always to sanitize when getting inside. If the mites are already there, there might be a lot of solutions, but some of them are harmful, you can use neem oil, not so expensive but still works.

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